Fashion Leaders Reiterate Call for Climate Action

Fashion Leaders Reiterate Call for Climate Action here at COP25: .Congratulations on the one-year anniversary of the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. Fashion Industry notice this: .!

Madrid Climate Agreement

The UN COP 25 has the Madrid Climate Agreement with respect for both nations that could not host it as the vote yes or no to The Plan vote returning to UN Headquarters in New York City or being held in Madrid Spain after the COP 25 so we have in Madrid Spain time to vote I decide A new clock is needed that is The UN The Plan time to vote is for twelve hours after the end of COP 25.

2019-12-05 Chryosphere COP 25 , For the UN Vote on The Plan here: after decision of withdraw or not by the end of COP25 from the Paris Climate Agreement By U.S.A. Read this at :Chapter 2: High Mountain Areas , .

land … COP25 .No finite fuel for husbandry on earth land. .!

COP 25 has started

The two purposes of this website as administrator are Global Security and Space Security.Now at COP 25 I have two matters that require resolve before the end of COP25.The withdraw of the U.S.A. from the Paris Climate Agreement: yes, no, or abstain and the vote yes or no for “The Plan”. I  say these words: together at COP 25 we can achieve these two simple goals🤝

World Bank COP 25 Bond For SDG 13

SDG bond for 2,5,13,16,This is the only bond of The World Bank issued for the SDG I can find.The price of this website is 500,000 Euros and if sold for that I will give 50% of 500,000 Euros being 250,000 Euros to the World Bank to specifically create a SDG 13 bond that I commemorate to The Plan and United Nations Vote for same.Here is the link:The Plan vote here.Here is the “ClimateFinance” (ClimateFinancial) information link of UNFCC:ClimateFinance(Climate Financial).🤝

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