Brexit, European Union ,United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,The UN Northern and Southern Alliance and the United Nations International Year of the Periodic Table And eChemPortal

Here is the link for the Northern and Southern Alliance:the UN Northern and Southern Alliance .Here is the link to the United Nations International Year of the Periodic Table:UN International Year Periodic Table.Here is link to Periodic TABLE I have:Space Periodic Table.Here is the link to Unesco: is the link to IUPAP: (This website has no https and is therefore not secure now).On the United Nations International  Year Periodic Table link above the United Nations used the singular of the word Table.They are wrong.It is correctly the United Nations Year Periodic Tables plural.This being a fact now I use the letters of the language The United Nations Year of the Periodic Tables in the Space Periodic Table so be sure to look at it at the link Space Periodic Table above.Here is a very interesting new link: .The changing of the text in the picture is very hard and time consuming for the WHO .png (WHO.jpeg available) text so here is the real text:Space Location eChemPortalSpace entry following reality.The First is Hydrogen… .Contact me if you want to to add information please.Use comment. .Here are related links:

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