Population of the Earth;The Nations Of Earth:The City Of New York USA

Earth population clock . Earth Population by Nations.Here is the link to The City of New York:https://www1.nyc.gov/ which is secure and here is the link to The City Of New York population:http://worldpopulationclock.info/usa/new-york that is not secure.No mention of The United Nations as a place to go  is on the website of this City like tour times nor is this thereafter https://unitednationssecuritycouncil.earth/?tribe_events=united-nations-climate-summit-2019 or this:https://unitednationssecuritycouncil.earth/?p=2831 .There is the population forecast for the year 2051 of this time clock:

.To do this the United Nations Members Leaders must attend the Environment Summit 2019 of The United Nations themselves not anybody else for this summit.This will reduce the number of people that attend the summit.

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