New Countdown Clocks For Paris Agreement To Specify Provisions For Non-compliance By Time Of COP25 end(no future date than that)

UTC, Coordinated Universal Time
00:00 Sat., Dec. 14 2019-00:00 Mon.,-Dec. 16 2019 no vote
00:00 Mon.,Dec.16 2019-00:00 Tue.,-Dec.17 2019 vote

01:00 Sat., Dec.14 2019-01:00-Sun.,Dec.16 2019 no vote but 01:00 Sun.,Dec.17 2019-01:00 Tue.,-Mon.,Dec.17 2019 vote

Scheduled with .This time in Madrid Spain is Voting of the UN COP 25 of The Plan.Find it here: .

11742 days-24 days=11718 days,11742 days-36 DAYS=11706 days.Greta Thunberg “Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was named Time’s Person of the Year on Wednesday, becoming at 16 the youngest person to whom the U.S. magazine has given the title.” .Congratulations. Here is the UTC,Madrid,Winnipeg times link:First Hour Of COP 25 Times Their are three choices regarding the question “Will the U.S.A. withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement Now?” The three choices are yes,no,abstain.This link explains abstention:Abstention.Cop 25 has the second session of the COP serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA 2).Godspeed.Leadermaster..This  agreement is not going to be ratified before the conclusion of COP25 specifically withdrawn from the Paris Agreement or not by of the USA–Mexico–Canada_Agreement . 1/3
Climate pledges under The Paris Agreement cover only one third of the emissions reductions needed to keep the world below 2°C. .

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