World Bank DataBank Environment Social and Governance (ESG)… Data Input Information To Do . Input the nations from this list specifically UNECA nations separately from UNECA&SA nations.There are differences.Send it to me after. .ASAP.Good News is I joined The World Bank Group and UNECA and UNECA&SA Nations I can finish your nations before COP 25.Done. .IMPORTANT TO CLICK FULL SCREEN.CLICK2.CLICK WORLD.NOTE THE NUMBERS.Here is more information: , .The chart visible above has brought to my attention that GDP and GDP(PPP) at that are growth shown by a negative number can not be shown by The World Bank as such instead the word decline must replace theĀ  growth from now before the negative number before COP 25.I looked at World Bank Data website with the hope of changing “CLICK WORLD” by adding UNECA and UNECA&SA databases to click but I learned that the consumption of finite fuels is the only database available for the UN nations and that for some UN nations is .. and 2019 is the most recent year available but the fact that finite fuel production and other concerns of mine prevented me from doing what I said I would do prior to COP 25 so I could not make a report.Here is what I consider as the information that the World Bank can use .The World Bank UNECA nations and the UNECA&SA nations World Bank inclusion for all World Bank information.I specify finite fuels andĀ  all subcategories be included.

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