The Earth United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters

The United Nations Environment Security Council Headquarters
The United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters
United Nations Flag
United Nations Flag
World Health Organization coordinates for isolation by UN WHO,https://worldcoronavirus .org/, Canada

Mexico . North America Border closures  links: , .Two issues I notice are that covid19 has two effects first is this: and the second  is this, The use of finite fuel for food delivery increase is solved truth being delivery with finite fuel and food delivery not with finite fuel being International law from all people.
The New Permanent United Nations Environment Security Council Architectural Structure (United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters)is to be built upon earth upon land that The Charter Of The United Nations specifically allows where all United Nations Environmental Meetings shall be held be until the time until oil runs out on Earth

.The sooner the better before COP 26 Glasgow,Scotland,The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland.The United Nations Security Council is to not be responsible for Environmental Security thereafter.The United Nations Knows that The Olympic Games that are held every 4 years a venue is chosen and construction begins thereafter yet construction must be completed before COP26 Glasgow, Scotland, The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland.Free advice from me is start now ASAP.1 Square Kilometre upon Earth being an UN Charted Extranational Extraterritorial Land that the United Nations Environment Security Council is built upon. This headquarters through the front entrance has full UNECA 82 seats and full UNEN&SA 198 seats equaling 270 seats rounded to 300 seats in circle, The Earth United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters Press Gallery, United Nations Meetings Coverage and Press Releases:,solar energy /heat pumps…,offices, IT/computers, Environmental Telecommunications,Security,infirmary,garden entrance,UN flag pole for all UN nations,galley,tourists reception centre,familycare medical and The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Floor, , ,Donate to battle Covid-19 globally here: , Medicine Sans Frontiers ,* , , , , , International Association of Universities including Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development (HESD) , , .Preventive measures are taken for ,–20_coronavirus_outbreak , . , .UN World Court considers . The UN Environment Headquarters Isolation from diseases when built.World Bank Branch… .The Budget is The World Bank United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters Bond(s).Search this website by copying and pasting the words World Bank. Bond amount base is current value of UN headquarters in N.Y. U.S.A. that is ($610,000,000.00 USD [819011815.25 EUR] adjusted for inflation)819011815.25CAD. This is also the builging price including the post.There is a World Bank Branch with this amount as part of this UN Permanent Environmental Headquarters location specific based upon UN Nations willingness to allow this to occur on the Land of the Nation and I am pleased to announce that not one Nation did anything other than say yes to this money and UN Action.The Secretary General is the Repository for the Environment…,but not for this UN Permanent Environmental Headquarters.I believe all nations can be the best nations to move forward,I move The vote for or against The Plan to the UN Permanent Environment Headquarters and here is the Earth United Nations first online vote to determine the nation and by doing so the land that the UN Permanent Environment Headquarters shall be built by the United Nations Forces Engineers in collaboration with all United Nations civilians so decide.Local time zones and UTC time for all The Earth United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters Nations is an integral part of The Earth United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters, Leadermaster.
Voting Information:Here is the link that has the numbers of the United Nations .  Proxy vote by UN principle I accept by adding one vote for each nation.The Poll is Closed.Now that the poll is closed with the result of Yes with one vote it must be comprehended that all UN Nations that have part or all of their Nation unavailable for use no matter the cause are included in the 188 Nations unless they add the Nation to the list of Nations that The United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters can not be built and added the repository of Nations That The United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters Can Not Be Built.174.Republic of Serbia:Wikilink:,UNEN& the nation that The United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters can be built chosen randomly.Do not use Nuclear Weapons Of Mass Destruction ever to destroy The United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters in Republic of Serbia because The United Nations flag the UN Flag of Surrender to Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction Radiation that can destroy the The United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters.

Instead of resetting the browser adding a button labeled”return to vote” is better.On Google maps for Location Tracking “votes: 6” and “Total votes: 7 should be corrected i.e.Total votes: 7 Voters: 6.On Google maps Winnipeg not Selkirk should identify the pin for the vote location and for US though anywhere in the U.S.A. identifies the US for by pin for location tracking New York City is better than Nebraska State as is now.This poll has until the need of the construction time parameters beginning with the construction time schedule start and finish which allows for occupation by all nations of this new Environment Headquarters before prior to COP 26.The 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) to the UNFCCC is expected to take place from 9-19 November 2020, in Glasgow, UK.
Due to covid 19 this time was correct but is now not correct because ,

and this relates to COP26 , , you already joined so get your free tickets to COP 16 event virtual act now and attend. .
To Current time until 2020-01-31 midnight when the poll closes and the time for preconstruction and construction starts and ends when the occupation by the Nations of The United Nations begins 2020-07-31 and ends 2020-08-31.
The United Nations Environment Security Council Headquarters timelineWatch and be active. World Bank.This website is supported by the Earth Olympians and the Space Olympians.

UNSD Regional Groupings

  1., ,,,The recession in global car sales shows no sign of endingI am reducing the price because Carbon Tax(es) are not part of bot. Use the money saved to try to have it included and Canada and all Provinces and Territories UNEP will determine if the reduction continues or not based upon success or failure of addition to the UN Act Now Bot and Construction: A Sleeping Giant for Climate Action , * create contact link. UNNFZ /UNAEZ (United Nations No Fly Zone/United Nations Air Exclusion Zone Of  The United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters unless UN Air Flights for Humanitarian cause(s) are from now on ,You Can’t Act This.You Can’t Game This.

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Sierra Leone
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
4.3.52 , compile  UNECA and UNEN&SA nations information  separately and compare them! Example:For 190.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.confirmed 5081,infected 4747/93.4%,deaths 234/4.6%,recovered 100/2% as of 2020/3/21 21:40 a UNEN&SA nation randomly used and 47. Islamic Republic of Mauritania:Wikilink:,UNECA.confirmed 2,infected 2/100%,deaths0/0%,recovered,0/0% as of2020/3/26 23:10 a UNECA nation randomly used.Good luck.
1.Republic of Angola:wikilink:,UNECA.2.Abyei(Republic Of Sudan)Wikilink:,UNECA.3.Bahrain:wikilink:,UNECA.4.People’s Republic of Bangladesh:wikilink:,UNECA.5.Bosnia and Herzegovina:wikilink:,UNECA. 6.Botswana:wikilink:,UNECA.7.Bulgaria:wikilink:,UNECA.8.Burkina Faso:wikilink:,UNECA.9.Republic of Burundi:Wikilink:,UNECA.10.Republic of Cabo Verde:wikilink:,UNECA.11.Kingdom of Cambodia:wikilink:,UNECA.12.Republic of Cameroon:,UNECA.13.Central African Republic:wikilink:,UNECA.14.Union of the Comoros:Wikilink:,UNECA.15.Republic of the Congo:Wikilink:,UNECA.16.Republic of Costa Rica:Wikilink:,UNECA.17.Republic of Côte d’Ivoire:Wikilink:,UNECA.18.Republic of Cuba:Wikilink:,UNECA.19.Democratic Republic of the Congo:Wikilink:,UNECA.20.Republic of Djibouti:Wikilink:,UNECA.21.Commonwealth of Dominica:Wikilink:,UNECA.22.Republic of Equatorial Guinea:wikilink:,UNECA.23.Kingdom of Eswatini:Wikilink:,UNECA.24.State of Eritrea:Wikilink:,UNECA.25.Republic of Fiji:Wikilink:,UNECA.26.French Guiana:Wikilink:,UNECA.27.Gabonese Republic:Wikilink:,UNECA.28.Republic of The Gambia:Wikilink:,UNECA.29.Republic of Ghana:Wikilink:,UNECA.30. Grenada:Wikilink:,UNECA.31.Republic of Guatemala: Guinea:Wikilink:,UNECA.33.Republic of Guinea-Bissau:Wikilink:,UNECA.34.Co-operative Republic of Guyana:Wikilink:,UNECA.35.Republic of Haiti:Wikilink:,UNECA.36.Republic of Honduras:Wikilinks:,UNECA.37. Jamaica:Wikilink:,UNECA.38.Republic of Kenya:Wikilink:,UNECA.39.Republic of Kiribati:Wikilink:,UNECA.40.Republic of Liberia:Wikilink:,UNECA.39.State of Libya:Wikilink:,UNECA.40.Republic of Madagascar:Wikilink:,UNECA.41. Republic of Malawi:Wikilink:,UNECA.42.Malaysia:Wikilink:,UNECA.43. Republic of Maldives:Wikilink:,UNECA. 44.Republic of Mali:Wikilink:,UNECA.45.Republic of Malta:Wikilink:,UNECA.46.Republic of the Marshall Islands:Wikilink:,UNECA.47. Islamic Republic of Mauritania:Wikilink:,UNECA.48.Republic of Mauritius:Wikilink:,UNECA. 49.Federated States of Micronesia:Wikilink:,UNECA.50. Republic of Mozambique:Wikilink:,UNECA.51.Republic of the Union of Myanmar:Wikilink:,UNECA.52.Republic of Nauru:Wikilink:,UNECA.53. Republic of Nicaragua:Wikilink:,UNECA.54.Republic of the Niger:Wikilink:,UNECA.55.Federal Republic of Nigeria:Wikilink:,UNECA. 56.Republic of Palau:Wikilink:,UNECA.57. Independent State of Papua New Guinea:Wikilink:,UNECA.58.Republic of Paraguay:Wikilink:,UNECA.59.State of Qatar:wikilink:,UNECA.60. Saint Kitts and Nevis:Wikilink:,UNECA.61.Saint Lucia:Wikilink:,UNECA.62.Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:Wikilink:,UNECA.63.Independent State of Samoa:Wikilink:,UNECA.64.Republic of San Marino:Wikilink:,UNECA. 65.Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe:Wikilink:ão_Tomé_and_Príncipe,UNECA.66.Republic of Senegal:Wikilink:,UNECA.67.Republic of Seychelles:Wikilink:,UNECA. 68.Republic of Sierra Leone:Wikilink:,UNECA.69.Republic of Singapore:Wikilink:,UNECA.70.Solomon Islands:,UNECA.71. Federal Republic of Somalia:Wikilink:,UNECA.72.Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka:Wikilink:,UNECA.73.Republic of the Sudan:Wikilink:,UNECA. 74.Republic of South Sudan:wikilink:,UNECA.75.Republic of Suriname:Wikilink:,UNECA.76.Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste:Wikilink:,UNECA.77.Togolese Republic:Wikilink:,UNECA.78. Kingdom of Tonga:Wikilink:,UNECA.79.Tuvalu:Wikilink:,UNECA.80.United Republic of Tanzania:Wikilink:,UNECA.81. Republic of Vanuatu:Wikilink:,UNECA.82. Republic of Zambia:Wikilink:,UNECA. Finished.Leadermaster.83.Islamic Republic of Afghanistan:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.84.Republic of Albania:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.85.People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria: wikilink:,UNEN&SA.86.Principality of Andorra:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.87. Antigua and Barbuda wikilink:,UNEN&SA.88.Argentine Republic wikilink:,UNEN&SA.89.Republic of Albania wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 90.Commonwealth of Australia:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.91.Republic of Austria: wikilink:,UNEN&SA.92.Azerbaijan:wikilink:,UNECA.93.Commonwealth of The Bahamas:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.94.Barbados:wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 95.Republic of Belarus:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.96. Kingdom of Belgium:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.97.Belize:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.98.Republic of Benin:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.99. Kingdom of Bhutan:wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 100.Plurinational State of Bolivia:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.101.Federative Republic of Brazil:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.102.Canada:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.103.Republic of Chad:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.104.Republic of Chile:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.105.People’s Republic of China:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.106.Republic of Colombia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.107.Republic of Croatia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.108.Republic of Cyprus:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 109.Czech Republic(Czechia):Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.110.Darfur:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.111.Democratic People’s Republic of Korea:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.112. Kingdom of Denmark(Faroe Islands),(Greenland)*,*Autonomous Constituent Country:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.113.Dominican Republic:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA,114.Republic of Ecuador:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.115.Arab Republic of Egypt:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.116.Republic of El Salvador:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.117.Republic of Estonia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.118.Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.119.Republic of Finland:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 120.French Republic:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.121.Georgia ‘Representative Democratic Parliamentary Republic’:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.122.Federal Republic of Germany:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.123.Gibraltar:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.124.Golan Heights:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.125.Hellenic Republic:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.126.Hungary:Wilink:,UNEN&SA.127.Iceland: Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.128.Republic of India:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.129.Republic of Indonesia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.130.Islamic Republic of Iran:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.131.Republic of Iraq:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 132.Ireland:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.133.State of Israel:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.134. Italian Republic:,UNEN&SA.135.Japan:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.136.Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.137.Republic of Kazakhstan:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.138.Republic of Kosovo:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.139.State of Kuwait:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 140.Kyrgyz Republic:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.141.Lao People’s Democratic Republic:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.142.Republic of Latvia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 143.Lebanese Republic:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.144.Kingdom of Lesotho:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.145.Principality of Liechtenstein:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.146.Republic of Lithuania:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.147.Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:Wikilink:,UNES&SA.148.Republic of Mali:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.149.United Mexican States:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 150.Principality of Monaco:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 151.Mongolia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.152. Montenegro:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.153.Kingdom of Morocco:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.154.Republic of Namibia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.155.Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.156.Netherlands:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.157.New Zealand:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.158.Republic of North Macedonia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.159.Kingdom of Norway:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.160.Sultanate of Oman:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 161.Islamic Republic of Pakistan:,UNEN&SA.162.Palestine(region):Wikilink: territories:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.163.Republic of Panama:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.164.Republic of Peru:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 165.Republic of the Philippines:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.166.Republic of Poland:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.167.Portuguese Republic:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 168.Republic of Korea:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.169.Republic of Moldova:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.170.Romania:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.171. Russian Federation:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.172.Republic of Rwanda:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.173.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.174.Republic of Serbia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 175.Slovak Republic:,UNEN&SA.176.Republic of South Africa:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.177.Kingdom of Spain:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 178.Kingdom of Sweden:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.179.Swiss Confederation:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.180.Syrian Arab Republic:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.181.Republic of Tajikistan:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.182.Kingdom of Thailand:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.183.Republic of Trinidad and Tobago:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.184.Republic of Tunisia:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.185.Republic of Turkey:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. 186.Republic of Turkmenistan:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.187.Republic of Uganda:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.188.Ukraine:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.189.United Arab Emirates:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.190.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.191.United States of America:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.192.Oriental Republic of Uruguay:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.193. Republic of Uzbekistan:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.194.Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.195.Socialist Republic of Vietnam:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.196.Western Sahara:Wikilink:,UNEC&SA.197.Republic of Yemen:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.198. Zimbabwe:Wikilink:,UNECA&SA. Making Finance Flows Consistent with the Paris Agreement .I add to this UNECA and UNEN&SA Nations. Further to mathematics 198-52 with discrepancies equaling 146 Nations are without.Meeting Wednesday February 26,2020:7:00AM to 8:00AM CST: .

All Nations Welcome.Free. ,, sticker is  graffiti so first I add graffiti removal to The Earth United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters and to be certain provide this sticker as is to The International Criminal Court  to adjudicate as or not as graffiti and seek the replacement of the stickers with UN Flag Symbol and the words In The Service Of Peace by The Earth United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters-graffiti with the escort of the UN troops that require isolation from COVID-19 Virus now not later . United Nations and United Nations troops here is information for you: the COVID-19  virus is now a pandemic: , and I prescribe both offence and defence specifically offence is support of The Earth United Nations Permanent Environment Security Council Headquarters and defence is support of the WHO. . I summarize the three scientific facts I want Canada to accept:1.That finite fuel will run out according to the timeclock on this website,2.That The United Nations using Nations to move environmental meetings between rather than one permanent location ASAP is formally supported by Canada,3.The Plan as found on this 1.,is accepting 2.,not accepting the plan. The founding Rome Treaty as it is the founding treaty document of the International Court Of Justice I create the first not founding treaty : It starts with the decision that The International Court Of Justice has made that the stickers are graffiti by all international laws and,just to let you know tickets are free and still available but if you can not for any reason get a ticket join the Zoom meeting at 12:00AM UTC Friday.Here is the link: .7PM CST from my location.

Murray Geddes is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. I will start this meeting manually.This meeting is 40 minutes and maximum 3 or more unless ticket sales donations alter this.So youth two more people and me and this is a go.

Topic: Synergies:Paris Agree.Sust.Dev.&

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 262 459 0637
Connect to 997926942 TeamViewer. Heh sorry about the Zoom event yesterday at 7:00PM The audio did not work so I fixed it and will redo the event at the COP event.UN troops require isolation from COVID19 Virus now not later. Wikipedia record the number of environmentalist that are sick because of covid-19 by United Nations nation sooner rather than later. Here is a couple of links of interest:Climate2020 Virtual Conference ,
International Association of Universities , Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development (HESD),Godspeed. COD-19 free United Nations Security Council flag of the United Nations Forces Of Earth.New website of mine:

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