covid-19 vaccine 2020

There is a covid-19 vaccine 2020 100% safe and effective for distribution to the world by the WHO (World Health Organization) Of The United Nations to all UNECA and UNEN&SA nations of UNPESCH and The World Bank current  electronic material recycling financing of all nations due covid-19 together with this covid-19 vaccine 2020 equals the total capital restored only if recycling completes ASAP and the World Environment initiatives of UNPESH  especially for finite fuels … occurs in all nations ASAP .Global distribution of covid -19 vaccines is pan-national and includes prioritization for covid-19 OK humans that are involved with curing the pandemic then health care individuals the essential services and then the most venerable then the remaining global population  in entirety. Complete estimates are needed now and that shall be used by the United Nations for immediate distribution to all nations. I shall not set a deadline for this information but presume this information is complete for United Nations by 9:00PM Winnipeg time 2020-11-20 November 2020.I shall continue then. All nations have summited as asked so total distribution is provided to WHO pre and post mission of UN distribution of the vaccine for covid-19.Pre mission OK’d. Post mission to come. Godspeed. Post mission successful. Canadians have listened to The Right Honorable Prime Minister Of Canada Mr. Justin Trudeau that Canada does not have pharmaceutical capability for production of the new Covid-19 vaccine and is reliant on U.S.A ordering doses from them however the UN WHO shall supply Canada by air drop the Pharmaceutical equipment so is is not dependant on the U.S.A.. Here is the Pharmaceutical companies: Pfizer, Moderna , AstraZeneca .NRC’s Montreal facility the UN WHO pharmaceutical picked up by The Canadian Military is the destination. No more waiting and not being first. The United Nations WHO aircraft of the United Nations Forces will enter Canadian airspace at 11:00p.m.CST.No disclosure as to air drop locations for security reasons. Large and important airdrop. Fulfill your duty. Good execution of Duty.,,… .Covid-19 distribution by authorized legitimate individual(s) name(s) of UN member nations.

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