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The United Nations Of Earth Nations Environmental Alliances:Central,Northern and Southern

The identification of the Nations Of Earth is by name of nation as the United Nations is  Alphabetical UNECA for United Nations Environmental Central Alliance , Alphabetical UNEN&SA for United Nations Environmental Northern and Southern Alliance.Here are the links I use:, ,,but I use this link the most: researching this I reached the conclusions 1.The lowest and some highest temperatures of all permanent member nations  of the UN security council exist. 2.The lowest  temperatures for the not permanent members of the security council  are incomplete and so are the UN member nations other than permanent and not permanent members of the Security Council and for  reason I have no recourse but  to require it now. A truly secure United Nations requires this. If not I will fill in the missing information. I do not prefer this choice. Godspeed.1. People’s Republic of China wikilink:,UNEN&SA. French Fifth Republic wikilink:,UNEN&SA.Russian Federation wikilink:,UNEN&SA.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland wikilink:,UNEN&SA. United States of America wikilink:,UNEN&SA.The non-permanent UN security council members:Kingdom of Belgium  wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Dominican Republic wikilink:,UNECA.                           Republic of Equatorial Guinea      wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Federal Republic of Germany wikilink:,UNECA.Republic of Indonesia wikilink,UNECA. Republic of Côte d’Ivoire wikilink:,UNECA.State of Kuwait wikilink:,UNEN&SA.Republic of Peru wikilink:,UNEN&SA.Republic of Poland wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Republic of South Africa (RSA) wikilink:,UNEN&SA.Here are the UN member nations other than permanent and not permanent members of the Security Council  .I begin with  Islamic Republic of Afghanistan wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Republic of Albania wikilink:,UNEN&SA.People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Principality of Andorra wikilink:,UNEN&CA.Republic of Angola wikilink:,UNECA. Antigua and Barbuda wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Argentine Republic wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Republic of Albania wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Commonwealth of Australia wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Republic of Austria wikilink:,UNEN&SA.Republic of Azerbaijan: wikilink:,UNECA. Commonwealth of The Bahamas:wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Kingdom of Bahrain:wikilink:,UNECA. People’s Republic of Bangladesh:wikilink:,UNECA. Barbados wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Republic of Belarus:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.     Kingdom of Begium:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.Belize: wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Republic of Benin: wikilink:,UNEN&SA.Kingdom of Bhutan:wikilink:,UNEN&SA.Plurinational State of Bolivia:wikilink:,UNEN&SA. Bosnia and Herzegovina:wikilink:, UNECA. Republic of Botswana:wikilink:,UNECA.

Simple Solution To South America And The U.S.A.

The United States Of America is missing a simple United Nations update that the creation of the Northern Alliance and the Southern Alliance and Central Alliance result is that nations upon Earth are of both. The United States Of America is both Northern Alliance and Central Alliance not The Southern Alliance.Act like it!

500,000 euros

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