THE PLAN:UNECA and UNEN&SA nations and earth climate

UNECA nations temperatures do not go below freezing and UNEN&SA nations temperatures do go below freezing so to conserve finite fuel reduce UNECA finite fuel consumption and  leave it in the Earth globally and not try to replace it with other fuel sources.UNEN&SA nations shall do the same. The use of what measures of finite […]

Sorted Lists Of The UNECA and UNEN&SA

Republic of Angola:wikilink:,UNECA. Azerbaijan:wikilink:,UNECA. Bahrain:wikilink:,UNECA. People’s Republic of Bangladesh:wikilink:,UNECA. Bosnia and Herzegovina:wikilink:,UNECA. Botswana:wikilink:,UNECA. Bulgaria:wikilink:,UNECA. Burkina Faso:wikilink:,UNECA. Republic of Burundi:Wikilink:,UNECA. Republic of Cabo Verde:wikilink:,UNECA. Kingdom of Cambodia:wikilink:,UNECA. Republic of Cameroon:,UNECA. Central African Republic:wikilink:,UNECA. Union of the Comoros:Wikilink:,UNECA. Republic of the Congo:Wikilink:,UNECA. Republic of Costa Rica:Wikilink:,UNECA. Republic of Côte d’Ivoire:Wikilink:,UNECA. Republic of Cuba:Wikilink:,UNECA. Democratic Republic of the […]

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