The United Nations Security Council Space

The United Nations Security Council Space is the space of all nations on all continents of earth.To secure this space there is the need for this to be voted upon immediately.The use of the environment of space specifically the atmosphere of earth for combustion of earth objects of creation.Space objects of creation are only to engage the the atmosphere as we are safe to do to defend earth.

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United Nations Peacekeeping

Recently a peacekeeping force of the United Nations was attacked and here are the specifics:.The specific force was:.I note the nations that compose this long term UN commitment are now defeated and I know they shall be remembered on UN peacekeepers rememberance day,12/8/2017.The security council member nations have the title that is the composition of the replacement force and end of the time this force exists.The nations of the of United Nations both security council and not security council members.It is best for the United Nations to form the peacekeeping forces together under the security council nations command.I use the democratic vote for this vote:That the all peacekeeping forces are or are not composed of all member nations or only the security council member nations.Vote.I can only guess that the vote passed in for.