The United Nations Of Earth Nations Environmental Alliances:Central,Northern and Southern Unsorted List

The identification of the Nations Of Earth is by name of nation as the United Nations is  Alphabetical UNECA for United Nations Environmental Central Alliance , Alphabetical UNEN&SA for United Nations Environmental Northern and Southern Alliance.Here are the links I use:,,,,Look for SGD13 Climate change.I use this link the most: researching this I […]

500,000 euros

I will except financing for land and a facility and labor … for administration of this website with the certainty I will continue as administrator for the time required for complete transition inclusively. The price remains the same.https://unitednationssecuritycouncil.Earth is for sale.”Try it and buy it from the ‘Bot’ at website and here is the […]

United Nations and the National Energy Board Of Canada

The United Nations Energy UN Energy Organizationand the National Energy Board Of Canada National Energy Board Of Canada.Use the 3.1 Billion CAD for any pipeline in the Northern Alliance and the Southern Alliance not being built. Use the money for Spacesuits for Canadians Peaceful Success In Space instead.

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