A mesage from the Leadermaster about IYTP A.D 2019 elements space table

This has been a busy time and I want the understanding that I will add the first elements of space ( to be defined) to the IYTP A.D 2019 elements space table: the periodic table of elements that, and I quote” is from space” activity since the origin of space is identified as the periodic table of elements of earth and space  ( including our universe).The elements that can be filled are for elements that are  scientifically really found in the space that humanity can peacefully and successfully achieve before the finite fuel clock stops. I will come back to this. Further,  space  originated and so did Humanity though long after space did. Humanity’s Space Elements Tables I created for Humanity to enter the elements upon using as many as that are necessary always kept together in one place with multiple backups in real time.As I said here is the return:https://unitednationssecuritycouncil.earth/?p=1052 .I believe that the use of the year earth time is correct for the earth periodic table but that the timeclock contained in the previous link is correct UNESCO time  for creation of Humanity’s Space Elements Tables. Definition of first elements of space is by  Humanity’s being themselves in space and scientifically entering in the tables yet we only have the moon that it is forbidden to use by humanity so the vote is all other planets but not the moons ,five dwarf planets, small Solar System bodies .Yes or No.Vote result: Yes. This vote result means the Solar System Planets as defined as Terrestrial Planets now Earthlike planets, Gases Giant planets, Ice Giant planets. Here is the list of space elements tables: The Earthlike planets Tables of Elements Of Mercury, Venus, Earth and the Gases Giant planets of Jupiter and Saturn Tables of Elements and the Ice Giants planets Uranus, Neptune Tables of Elements. Every  Planet in the Solar System has a Solar System Planet Table of Elements.

Brexit, European Union ,United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,The UN Northern and Southern Alliance and the United Nations International Year of the Periodic Table

Here is the link for the Northern and Southern Alliance:the UN Northern and Southern Alliance .Here is the link to the United Nations International Year of the Periodic Table:UN International Year Periodic Table.Here is link to Periodic TABLE I have:Space Periodic Table.Here is the link to Unesco: https://en.unesco.org/.Here is the link to IUPAP:http://iupap.org/ (This website has no https and is therefore not secure now).On the United Nations International  Year Periodic Table link above the United Nations used the singular of the word Table.They are wrong.It is correctly the United Nations Year Periodic Tables plural.This being a fact now I use the letters of the language The United Nations Year of the Periodic Tables in the Space Periodic Table so be sure to look at it.https://unitednationssecuritycouncil.earth/?p=1188

Special Post for Chat: United States Of America and United Mexican States

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_and_the_United_Nations , http://data.un.org/en/iso/us.html

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexico_and_the_United_Nations , https://data.un.org/en/iso/mx.html

Leadermaster reiterates the United Nations Security Council vote of past that “dividing Earth nations is contrary to uniting Earth nations” therefore if division occurs this occurs:The United Nations forces shall be united and physically replace the division,a wall between the U.S.A. and Mexico.This is not a peacekeeping force it is a multinational counter dividing nations wall
replacement force named the U.S.A /Mexico
multinational counter dividing nations wall
replacement force.

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