Kingdom of Denmark(Faroe Islands),(Greenland)*,*Autonomous Constituent Country:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA. United States of America:Wikilink:,UNEN&SA.

Notice that one UNEN&SA nation and another UNEN&SA nation land purchase between The United States Of America and The Kingdom of Denmark for Greenland is not to occur.Also notice that now land purchase possibilities exist as UNEN&SA by UNEN&SA,UNICA by UNEN&SA and the same for UNECA .

United Nations Security Council Age Verification Of The United Nations(WHO)

I have seen many internet sites and WordPress Plugins…that simply are not secure.My advice is check for the method of verification.The United Nations can use methods other than these as all internet users can however to the United Nations using one of these is an expense.It is best for the united nations member nations to […]

United Nations Nations UNECA and UNEN&SA Yes or NO Random Vote Calculator

First read this Wikilink:Yes-No question,second read this Wikilink:Random Number Generation. The result is Unofficial and only the vote of the United Nations as found here Sorted Links Of The UNECA and UNEN&SA United Nations and voted here:Vote Yes or No to The Plan of UNECA and UNEN&SA United Nations.No is 1 and Yes is 2 […]

New United Nations 14 peacekeeping operations Synchronization Update

14 UN Peacekeeping OperationsHere is the list from the link:HaitiWestern SaharaCentral African RepublicMaliD.R.Republic Of the CongoDarfurGolanCypressLebanonSudanKosovoSouth SudanIndia and PakistanMiddle EastUNSCA and UNEN&SA Badges must be worn upon deployment to all nations. Haiti,Western Sahara,Central African Republic,D.R. Republic Of the Congo,Golan,Lebanon,Sudan,Kosovo,South Sudan,India and Pakistan,Middle East.Find the Vote Yes or No to The Plan of UNECA and UNEN&SA […]

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