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Mexico . North America Border closures  links: , .Two issues I notice are that covid19 has two effects first is this: and the second  is this, The use of finite fuel for food delivery increase is solved truth being delivery with finite fuel and food delivery not with finite fuel being International law […]

Fashion Leaders Reiterate Call for Climate Action

Fashion Leaders Reiterate Call for Climate Action here at COP25: .Congratulations on the one-year anniversary of the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. Fashion Industry notice this: .!

2019-12-05 Chryosphere COP 25 , For the UN Vote on The Plan here: after decision of withdraw or not by the end of COP25 from the Paris Climate Agreement By U.S.A. Read this at :Chapter 2: High Mountain Areas , .

land … COP25 , , , .No finite fuel for husbandry on earth land. .!

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