Global Climate Change Challenge Week 2019 , .On this map Canada has educational facilities as the other nations of Earth do on a local basis. I challenge all of them to put the time clock on the education institutions grounds for all to see.Choose which clock yourselves.Countup or countdown or both before so you are prepared for global change week […]

The Ability To Create Batteries For The International Space Station Not From Earth

Can the nations of Earth (international space station) make batteries from off Earth supply.No. . , UN supports The International Space Station and their battery replacement.LEO.

Ozone,ozone layer,ultraviolet (light),The time until oil will run out on Earth , . . The direct relationship is if the time oil will run out on earth decreases as much as possible to a specific time from now the ozone increases and the ozone layer increases and the ultraviolet light decreases upon earth and so does the temperature and abnormal climate events.For this reason I […]

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