United Nations and the National Energy Board Of Canada

The United Nations Energy UN Energy Organizationand the National Energy Board Of Canada National Energy Board Of Canada.Use the 3.1 Billion CAD for any pipeline in the Northern Alliance and the Southern Alliance not being built. Use the money for Spacesuits for Canadians Peaceful Success In Space instead.

Vounteers needed to complete UNSC Summit Information

https://unitednationssecuritycouncil.earth/?p=1283.I need volunteers from the united nations and all other attendees to volunteer to complete this post.If you want to contact me at this email address: volunteers@unitednationssecuritycouncil.earth.UNSC Summit:https://unitednationssecuritycouncil.earth/?p=1052

Canada AWS

AWS says that Montreal is Central in Canada.It is not.It is Eastern in Canada.They also say that there is two  zones  what are they?When the zone of Montreal is searched no checkmarks exist for many services like  Canada (Central) Region EC2 Availability Zones: 2 Launched 2016 ,https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/global-infrastructure/ ,https://aws.amazon.com/canada/?p=gi ,https://aws.amazon.com/canada/aws-in-canada/ ,https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/ .The center of Canada:https://centreofcanada.ca/home/ .

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