New United Nations 14 peacekeeping operations Synchronization Update

14 UN Peacekeeping OperationsHere is the list from the link:HaitiWestern SaharaCentral African RepublicMaliD.R.Republic Of the CongoDarfurGolanCypressLebanonSudanKosovoSouth SudanIndia and PakistanMiddle EastUNSCA and UNEN&SA Badges must be worn upon deployment to all nations. Haiti,Western Sahara,Central African Republic,D.R. Republic Of the Congo,Golan,Lebanon,Sudan,Kosovo,South Sudan,India and Pakistan,Middle East.Find the Vote Yes or No to The Plan of UNECA and UNEN&SA […]

New Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Boris Johnson.Here is latest information link:PM Boris Johnson.Here are related links: . , , .

Join the chat team free now using TeamViewer

I have been successfully working with a new software called TeamViewer that allows me to connect to the desktop of anyone on the Internet within a few seconds. It also works the other way round so I can present the things on my computer screen to someone else. In my opinion it is a perfect […]

The speed and time that equals the distance from earth that is a scientific fact explanation

Using a speed of 100000km/h for calculation purpose and a time of 284664 hours from the finite fuel cease clock on this website multiplied equals 28466400000kms.I put this in perspective for when the countdown clock stops.100000kms/hr and 0 time equals 0.Extend the time means the distance can be extended and any combination of the two […]

New Monitization Links

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Translate United Nations Languages