New Countdown Clocks For Paris Agreement To Specify Provisions For Non-compliance By Time Of COP25 end(no future date than that)

 UTC, Coordinated Universal Time 00:00 Sat, Dec 14 2019 03:00 Sat, Dec 14 2019 MADRID, Spain 01:00 Sat, Dec 14 2019 04:00 Sat, Dec 14 2019 Scheduled with .This time in Madrid Spain is Voting of the UN COP 25 of The Plan.Find it here: . 11742 days-24 days=11718 days,11742 days-36 DAYS=11706 days.Greta […]

New Stategy

Carbon Taxes (money into government coffers) is burnt finite fuel that is Carbon proved here: , .This proves that Liquid petroleum pumped from oil wells is called “crude” or “crude oil.” Composed predominantly of carbon, crude oil contains approximately 84 to 87 percent carbon and 11 to 13 percent hydrogen. Crude oil also contains varying […]

Global Climate Change Challenge Week 2019 , .On this map Canada has educational facilities as the other nations of Earth do on a local basis. I challenge all of them to put the time clock on the education institutions grounds for all to see.Choose which clock yourselves.Countup or countdown or both before so you are prepared for global change week […]

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