World Bank DataBank Environment Social and Governance (ESG)… Data Input Information To Do . Input the nations from this list specifically UNECA nations separately from UNECA&SA nations.There are differences.Send it to me after. .ASAP.Good News is I joined The World Bank Group and UNECA and UNECA&SA Nations I can finish your nations before COP 25.Done. .IMPORTANT TO CLICK FULL SCREEN.CLICK2.CLICK WORLD.NOTE THE NUMBERS.Here is more information: , […]

In preparation for COP 25

  In preparation for COP25 we need this: .Electronic devices have oil used in there manufacture.Manufacturing is either discreet or process.Link to read:(Wikipedia expansion ,verification: , . The military of Earth immediate withdraw of the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement  is the first on COP 25 agenda. Propane:Propane .Liquefied petroleum gas:Liquified patroleum gas.Shale:Shale.Propane […]

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