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United Nations Peacekeeping

Recently a peacekeeping force of the United Nations was attacked and here are the specifics:.The specific force was:.I note the nations that compose this long term UN commitment are now defeated and I know they shall be remembered on UN peacekeepers rememberance day,12/8/2017.The security council member nations have the title that is the composition of the replacement force and end of the time this force exists.The nations of the of United Nations both security council and not security council members.It is best for the United Nations to form the peacekeeping forces together under the security council nations command.I use the democratic vote for this vote:That the all peacekeeping forces are or are not composed of all member nations or only the security council member nations.Vote.I can only guess that the vote passed in for.

MY POST website name is link is not W3C Link Checker ready so cut and paste.HERE IS THE LINK TO WEBSITE ICE.EARTH: ,and here is the link to the alternate website of . , .Here is the link to W3C Validator of HTML Code. .Here is the link to Wikipedia for web Web television: .Here is the link for UN Web TV The United Nations Live & On Demand: hosting successfully completed.: For all e-mail communication except for purchasing this domain use this e-mail address (not a link because of W3C Link Checker exclusion so copy and paste).For all e-mail communication for purchasing this domain use this e-mail address: a link because of W3C Link Checker exclusion so copy and paste)..Here is the link for United Nations Multimedia,Radio,Photo and Television .Here is the link for UN Radio: .This link is not W3C Link Checker ready so cut and paste.Here is the link for continents: .The regions that the UN list for multimedia are Africa,Americas,Asia,Europe,Middle East.Here is the link for region: .Here is the link for boundaries between the continents: .The United Nations multimedia has North and South America continents as the Americas and omitted the Australia continent and Antartica continent requiring the multimedia of the UN to accept the fact that only a proper vote is necessary so link: .The basics of this website is these lines:One of the more unique features WebSockets provide is its ability to traverse firewalls and proxies, a problem area for many applications. Comet-style applications typically employ long-polling as a rudimentary line of defense against firewalls and proxies. The technique is effective, but is not well suited for applications that have sub-500 millisecond latency or high throughput requirements. Plugin-based technologies such as Adobe Flash, also provide some level of socket support, but have long been burdened with the very proxy and firewall traversal problems that WebSockets now resolve.A WebSocket detects the presence of a proxy server and automatically sets up a tunnel to pass through the proxy. The tunnel is established by issuing an HTTP CONNECT statement to the proxy server, which requests for the proxy server to open a TCP/IP connection to a specific host and port. Once the tunnel is set up, communication can flow unimpeded through the proxy. Since HTTP/S works in a similar fashion, secure WebSockets over SSL can leverage the same HTTP CONNECT technique. Note that WebSockets are just beginning to be supported by modern browsers (Chrome now supports WebSockets natively). However, backward-compatible implementations that enable today’s browsers to take advantage of this emerging technology are available.WebSockets—like other pieces of the HTML5 effort such as Local Storage and Geolocation—was originally part of the HTML5 specification, but was moved to a separate standards document to keep the specification focused. WebSockets has been submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) by its creators, the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). Authors, evangelists, and companies involved in the standardization still refer to the original set of features, including WebSockets, as “HTML5.”and HTML5MD.This means that Alphabet Corporation and moz://a Corporation that do not use java needed upon the  Microsoft Corporation that switch places with Google to allow the Web Sockets in a switch that Java is fully enabled in Internet Explorer.Firefox will adapt.Here is a another link: .Here is the link to W3C Link Checker: linkable)so copy and paste.Do not forget the missing climate agreement.This website has no intel 3d Photocube on it because the mobile phones now on Earth can not display it unless the manufacturers make it a priority but they are more consumed with profits so I suggest all internet sites are identified as mobile intel 3d photocube visible.Here is the link for the United Nations Treaty Collection : .Within this webpage is this page that I archive: is the link to the earth archives where I archived this part of the treaties and so you know here is the link to the space archives: .The United Nations can update their e-signature clause in the best earth climate agreement so that all climate agreements have e-signatures inclusively.The question that must occur first is if a person can sign using a computer or can not and uses paper and this determines the UN courses of action for the those people that still can use e-signature fine and well but for those that can not the United Nations Security Council accepts the responsibility and if it it can not then it shall inform the General Council that it can not and one nation shall then be responsible if the General Council can not .The Internet And Paper shall inform the populace of Earth that it is up to you.I shall soon use my e-signature to on this webpage.Note that music signatures and human signatures must not appear in searches together as images.These links are the same..Here is my signature that I show the world for the fist time in my life that I shall use for the my website specifically. Today the mass instinction that almost killed all life upon earth was found by earth scientists as the exploding volcanoes of earth released to much nickel into the atmosphere and to much carbon dioxide the deaths of life that created finite fuel just as they were finite until the earth developed as it is. . The next signature will be on the this document not as a link but as the signature.Here is the truth:nickel and carbon dioxide from the past volcanoes is the same as finite fuel except for the volcanoes and carbon dioxide from finite fuels from Internal combustion engines(ice).Conserve the finite fuel instead of vulcanizing finite fuel to be peacefully successful in space because you know right from wrong and do it ASAP.There is a security matter that is found here , .I commit to suggesting  to Wikipedia the plastic tax and plastic deposit and plastic fine.I did.More to this security matter here: .I notice a serious security matter in my opinion is the use of a whitelist in Microsoft Corporation Enhanced Security Configuration of Internet Explorer Internet Browser as requiring  the listing of all websites on the internet preferably HTTPS but HTTP now still possible and Java requiring HTTPS and Alphabet Corporation’s Google about to enforce HTTPS in that browser we consider security to be HTTPS  and Java and wss.This is the link for html 5.0 that I will change this website to so that I can change this website to wss.. and for information this link: .I acknowledge this today the international day of the girl with this link : .You girls will be Peacefully Successful in Space.I notice that the UN security council  has the requirement to make the date of the 2015 to 2017 for .The Aria check that this website has passed is because I had to remove  Linkshare  welcome picture link because the all picture links for affiliates as a UN security matter must have a link on them to verify HTML5.02 and all further versions. Wikipedia is at the same as the United Nations that neither have and link you read does not have a java comparison for all browsers that is wiki truth if it did the the internet  truth  would be clear and that truth is that the internet must have all browsers  and the web sockets  and Java all at the same time as soon as possible.
Here is the validation by W3C for this website: and now to ws. and wss. , .                                               , Consider surrender of the nuclear radiation that exceeds the levels required by life upon earth by death and the finite fuel that you have not yet consumed and peaceful success in space and this security chose of surrender to leave only the creation of weapons of mass destruction to surrender as we are peacefully successful in space.As a security matter we require the security certificates of the internet are all socket based.I have a new WordPress website that is related to this website but it is experiencing technical difficulties and I will provide all important information as quickly as I can so it can be apart of this website and vice versa. . Important News at this  link:


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